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Richard A. Olson & Associates has bought and sold millions of dollars worth of farm machinery, real estate and personal property. Richard has been an auctioneer since 1968 and has sold numerous farms, equipment, livestock, antiques, household items, estates and business liquidations. He is a graduate of the Reppert School of Auctioneering. Erik, a third generation graduate of Reppert, works with his father Richard to represent their clients and their property in a professional manner. You can also find us on Facebook (

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Antiques, Clocks, Glassware, Collectables, BB Guns, Firearms, Pocket Watches, Advertising Pieces
Saturday, March 30, 2019 at 9:00 a.m.

Location: Kendall County Fairgrounds, 10826 IL-71, Yorkville, IL 60560
Directions: Located 1 mile West of IL-47 on IL-71.

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Antiques & Collectables: Tin Crane, Adlake RR Signal Lantern, Gum Ball Machine, Aladdin Style Lamp, Oil Bracket Lamp with Reflector, Oil Bracket Lamps, Child Chair, Jack Benny Statue, Silver Flatware, (6) Brass Sifting Screens 0 US Testing Sieves Series, WWII Machine Gun Blanks Belt, Assortment of Ammo, 2 Gallon Western Crock, Copper Boiler, Egg Scale, Coal Miner Lanterns, Western Whiskey Jug, Coal Bucket, Crock Jugs, (2) Markl Dairy West Chicago, Germany Beam Decanter, Wood Model Great Clipper Ship, Old Fishing Lures, Vintage Razor Sharpeners, Wrist Watches, Assortment of Pocket Watches, Brass Trumpet Sugarland USA Professional, Polka-A-Lay-Lee, Moreschi Accordion, Globe Trotter RCA Victor Portable Radio, Wyan Dotte Tow Truck, Majestic Lock Co Tool in Wood Case, Buzz Light Year Toy - In Box, Wood Boxes, Advertising Pcs., Sad Irons, TWA China, Tin Pop Corn Popper, Scrub Board, Iron & Brass Trivets, Smith Corona Type Writer, Ornate Brass Lamp, Hamm's Beer Water Fall Light w/ damaged corner, National Geographic, Crockery Bowls, Beer Adv. Signs, Amethyst Telegraph Insulator, Cracker Jar w/ Handle, Antique License Plates back to 1917 - 20s - 30s, Concrete Piggy, Vintage Movie Cameras, Metal Gate Luggage, [Collection of Walking Canes, Carnival Canes, 1934 Chicago World’s Fair Fort Dearborn 1933, Hall of Science 1933, American Legion, (4) 1933 World's Fair Canes, (2) Saw Canes, Mother of Pearl Inlay Cane], Regulator Clock, 1948 Ford Convertible Model, Soldiers of the World WWII - In Box, Clark Miniature Car, Corvair - New Old Stock GM Parts, Cleaners and Solvents, Brass Jail Keys, RR Lantern Lens, Dietz Convoy Dash Lantern, Antique Clock Keys, Round Wood Cheese Box, Charger Letter Jacket, Quilts, 49 Star American Flag, (2) 1973 Hamm's Beer Decanter, Wood Board Pig, Tootsie Toys, Metal Cards, Trucks, Mini Tractors, Cut Glass, Leather Coat, (3) Wood Swords, Pewter Bowl, 48 Star Flag American, Georges Bakery Cicero Advertising, Schwinn Spitfire, military Shirts & Pants, Toys, Vintage West Chicago Police Uniforms, 45 Records, Penn Life Brass Calendar 1929, Gold Tone Mantel Clock, J & B Large Whiskey Bottle in Stand, Pontiac Hood Ornament (OLD), Cast Iron Piggy bank, 5 Gallon Jar, (2) Crock Jars, Copper Oil Lamp, Mechanical Monkey Bank, Honda Saddle Bags, JC Higgins Gun Cleaning Kits, Nintendo Game System, Large Wood Walking Stick, 5 Gallon Blue Bell Crock, Horse Oil Lamp, (2) Scrap Books, Wood Molding Planes, Deer Antlers, Metal Antique Cars, Small Display Case, Egyptian Wood Box, Electrophonic Stereo & Speakers, (2) Metal Floor Lamps, Iron Sistern Pump, [Clocks, Mission Oak Wall Clock, Seth Thomas Banjo Clock, Ingraham Clock, Ansonia Mantle Clock, Mission Wall Clock, San Remo 8 Day Mission Gilbert Clock, Sessions, Norland Clock Co. Round Clock, Big Ben Alarm Clock. General Electric Clock, Seth Thomas Cottage House Clock, Banjo Clock], Military Flag, (2) Car 8 Track Players, Sq. Box Clock, (2) German Plate Clocks, Clock Movements, Mattoon Wood Bottle Box, Harvey Comics, Collection Heisey Glassware - Several Boxes, 1944 Fiber Lic. Plate, Falstaff Beer Light, Beer Trays - Pearl, Miller, Blatz, Old Style, Coors, Pabst, Beer Ash Trays, (2) Miller High Life Lights - The Champagne of Bottle Beer, Galv. Fuel Can, Green Oil Lamp, Say Bull Neon Light in Original Box, (6) Model Cars in Original Boxes, Lead Farm Animals, Collection of Marbles, Collection of Advertising Yardsticks, Crock w/ Lid, Oil Lamps, 8 Track Player, NYCL St. Louis RR Lantern, Friction Convertible - 1950s, Graniteware, EA Nagel Wood Trunk, Lead Advertising, Lock Pick, Pipe Collection, Deer Antlers, (3) Walking Cane Swords, (2) Wood Practice Swords, Barn Lanterns, Hot Wheels Tire Carry Case - Full of Cars, Mustache Cup, Old Kitchen Utensils, Greeting Cards, Model Cars - 1948 Convertibles - Rolls Royce, American Compacts - 4 Model Cars in Box, C&N&W RR Lantern - Red Lantern, C&N&W RR Lantern - White Lens, Handlan St. Louis USA RR Red Lantern Red Lens, CGW RR Lantern, Standard Oil Tape, Set of 16 Children Hour Books, Shaving Mirror, Fossils/Rocks, Collector Football Cards, Pictures and Prints, Banjo Clocks, Duck Weather Vanes, Pabst Blue Ribbon Bartender Light, Tin Lunch Bucket, Bar Accessories, Porcelain Morton Salt Sign, United Airlines Bronze, Ornate Brass Coat Tree, Rocker, Pair of Budweiser Lights, (3) Large Jars of Pennies, many Boxes of Clock Parts, Pillar Click, Ornate Kitchen Clocks, Camel Back Clocks, French Style Wall Clock, Ingram Mantle Clock, Pillar Click w/ lion Heads, Gilbert Mantle Clock, Limplex Time Clock, [US Army Portable Clock In Case], Lg French Style Bronze & Marble Base Clock with Horse & Angel w/ French Movement - Very Nice Shape!, Oak Regulator Clock, Detux Patrol Time Watchman Station, Clock & Keys, Radiumdial Mirror Clock - Gold Glass, Big Ben Alarm Clock, Saturday Post Pocket Watch, Elgin Gold Pocket Watch, Graf Zeppelin Pocket Watch, Jockey Pocket Watch, Ingraham, West Clock Security Pocket Watch, New Haven Pocket Watch, Elite Pocket Watch, Endura Tuffy Pocket Watch, New Haven Gold Filled Pocket Watch, Elgin Silver Pocket Watch, Superman Wrist Watch, Dietz Barn Lantern, Dressel Arlington NJ RR Lantern - Red Lens, NYC RR Red lantern, St. Louis Lantern, Adams Lantern, Lg. Griswold 24”x12” Griddle Pan, Iron 19”x9” Griddle Pan, Pictures and Prints, Dream Weaver with Feather/Fur, Federal Duck Stamp Collection, Collection of Sad Irons, Wood Tool Chest, Iron Ware, Wagner Waffle Iron, Griswold Cornbread Pan N. 954, Alum Wagnerware with Lid, (4) Bentwood Folding Chairs, Royal Hager Pottery, Hall Jewel Tea Bowls, Iron Trivets, Iron Fry Pan 14 3/4” Diameter, Griswold Fry pan, Griswold No. 9 Iron pot with Lid, Griswold 14” Lid, Griswold No. 3/4/6 Iron Pans, Wagner Iron Pot, Griswold No. 8 Iron Pot, Griswold 858 Iron Pale, Erie 791B Footed Pot, Wagner 1910 Salesman Sample Waffle Iron, Griswold 789 Footed Pot, Griswold No. 72 Deep Patty Bowl, Griswold No. 8 Lid, (2) Griswold No 8 Skillet in Alum & Iron - Iron Lid Dutch Oven No. 8, Griswold No. 8 Fry Pan, Griswold No. 8 Footed Pot, Griswold No. 8 Fry Pan, Griswold No. 6 Fry Pan, Griswold No. 9 Fry Pan, Griswold No. 6 Fry Pan, Griswold No. 7 Fry Pan, Griswold No. 9 Fry Pan, Griswold No. 9 A999 Special Pan, Griswold No. 9 Round Pan, Piqua Iron Skillet, Wapak 102 Iron Pan, Griswold No. 922-866 Lamb Mold with Paperwork, Griswold Patty Molds in Box, Griswold 1003 Deep Fryer, Griswold No. 601 Hot Stove, Griswold No. 10 Muffin Pan, Griswold No. 22 Cornbread, Griswold No. 2/3/4 Meat Grinder, Griswold No. 11 Meat Grinder, Keen Cutter Meat Grinder, Griswold No. 3 Meat Grinder, Griswold No. 4 Meat Grinder, Griswold No. 11 Meat grinder, Griswold No. 768 Sq. Pan, Griswold No. 709 Skillet, Griswold No. 835 Dutch Oven with Grate, (2) Griswold No. 10 Skillets, (2) Griswold No. 8 Skillets, Griswold No. 6 Skillet, Griswold No. 8 Skillet with Lid, Griswold No. 725 Skillet, Griswold No. 2980 Muffin Pan, Griswold No. 12 Skillet, Wagner Flat Skillet, Griswold No. 270 Corn Pan, Griswold No. 930 Corn Pan, Griswold No. 608 Flat Round, Griswold No. 7 Bean Pot, Griswold No. 10 Iron Pot, Griswold 6” Damper, Griswold Sad Irons, Griswold Meat Grinder, Griswold No. 4 with Handle, Griswold No. 9 1279 Pot with Lid, Griswold 535 Alum. Tea Kettle, Griswold 546B 1913 Alum. Tea Kettle, Griswold No. 704 Orange Fry Pan, Griswold No. 768 Sq. Utility Skillet, Griswold No. 10 Round Fry pan, Griswold No. 8 Pot with Lid, Griswold No. 8 Heart/Star Pan, Griswold No. 962 Muffin Pan, Wagnerware pot No. 8 With Lid, Griswold No. 8 Pan, Griswold No. 8, Wagner No. 0 with Lid, Griswold No. 8 with Lid, Griswold No. 109 Skillet Gridle, Griswold No. 8 Waffle Iron, Griswold No. 85 Pie Maker, Griswold No. 666 Breakfast Skillet, Griswold No. 625 Salesman Sample Corn Pan, Bentwood Chairs, Clock keys, Many Old Keys, Griffiths & Sons - Birmingham Yard Light, Brass Horn, Graniteware pots, Chicago Burlington - Aurora Division Award, 2 Wire Popcorn Poppers, Crown Picher 7 Bowl, Dbl Blue Band Crock, The Dancing Scott Music Decanter, Cream Can, Large Mallet, Drafting Set, AMCE Black Police Boots in Box, Oak Machinist Tool Chest, Umbrellas, Lg Collection of Advertising Yard Sticks, (2) Swords with Scabbards & Belt, Wood Canoe Paddle, Guardianware, Bike Bell, Dog Lamp Base, Blue Swirl Pitcher & Bowl, Gone with the Wind Style Lamp, Wood Tool Chest, Buddy L Extension Ladder Trailer Fire Truck, 1920s-30s Buddy L Dump Truck, Nylint Roadster Car, Reflex Gas Light in Original Box, Andeker Beer Light in Original Box, Jim beam 1930’s Police Care decanter, Lg Pickle Jar, Bevin Brass Wall bell Gas Station, (2) Child Sleds with Slat Rolled Sides, Large Pocket Knife Collection - Over 100 Knives, Southern Pacific 3pc Train, Iron Match Holder, Salt Crock, Old Clay Marbles, Old Door keys, West Chicago Zippo Lighter, Thank You Lighted Sign, Sheep on Stand, Ice Cream Stool Adv., Assortment of Comic Books - Mickey Mouse - Dennis the Menace - Jack & Jill - Daffy Duck, Eye Beam Electronic Guitar in Case - Electric, King 602 Trumpet in Case, Glass butter Churn, Bag Seed Sower, Survey Level, Mission Oak Plant Stand, Supro Amplifier - Valco Manufacturing, Assortment of Cookie Jars, Air King Adv., 50pc. Eastern Air Lines China, Eastern Folding Case, Pine Medicine Cabinet, Paper Adv., Coo Coo Clock, Glassware, USTA Year Books, Wire Top Jars, Griswold Waffle Iron, Astro bank, Sheffield Clock, Pillar Mantle Clock, Post Cards, Cowboy Boots, Pr. Buggy lamps, Ornate Clock Metal, Hood Ornaments, Hot Wheels, Assorted Toy Cars, Chalk Figurines, Record Albums, Movie Reels, 1960s Tonka Trucks, Nylint Toys, Boxes of Toys, Round Bar Table Light, Brier Horses, Floor Scrubber Machine, Seth Thomas Mantle Clock, West Clock Alarm, New Haven Regulator Clock, New Haven Mantle Clock, (2) French Style Wall Clicks 36” Tall, Lion Head Footed Clocks, Ansonia Kitchen Clock, Sessions Octagon Wall Clock, National Time 8day, Black Case Wall Click, Oak Case Mission Mantle Clock, Lighters, Cigarette Memorabilia, Military Gun Case, Primitive Cucumber Cutter, English Mantle Click, Sessions Pillar Clock, Waterbury Octagon Clock.

Guns: Air Rifles, Crossman Mod 1377 177cal BB Pistol, Crossman 760 pump Air Rifle, Sears Ted Williams, Daisy Gold Official Education BB Gun, (2) 66 Power Master BB Gun, Eagle Daisy BB gun, Crossman 788 BB Scout, Benjamin Franklin Mod 342 Air Rifle, Benjamin Franklin BB Gun, Crossman Mod 110 Pellet Riffle (No Bolt), Crossman Pump Master Pellet Rifle, Daisy1894 Lever Action BB Gun, Reproduction Real Model Practice 1894 Lever Action Rifle - Wall Hanger, Police Pistol Holster; Belt, Remington Mod 514 22 Cal Single Shot Bolt Action Rifle, Gun Parts, Lg. Can Crossman BBs, Daisy 188 BB Pistol, Amarco bow recurve, (2) Recurve Bows.

Tools: Snap-On Ratchet, Hand Tools, Scrap Book Planes, Matco, Craftsman, Snap-On Wrenches, Spray Gun, Sockets, Bimbo Hydraulic Cylinders, Air Disc Sanders, Accuspray, Binks Spray Guns.

Hundreds of boxes still unopened and not listed here!

Estate of Glenn Keck - Carolynne Keck, Owner

Note: Glenn was a West Chicago Police Officer his whole career. He also owned an Auto-Body Repair Shop and was a ring man with DeBolt Auction Co. for many years. Carolynne worked for Eastern Airlines and was a cashier in the auction business too. Glenn Loved to collect. He was 85 Years Old.

Auction conducted by DeBolt Auction Service & Richard A. Olson & Associates, Inc.

Brian DeBolt, Plano IL – License #440.000595
Phone: 630-552-4247
Dick Olson, Morris IL - License #440.000585
Erik Olson, Morris IL - License #441.001909
Phone: 815-942-4266

Content Terms: Cash or good check w/ proper ID. Everything sold as is. Everything paid for day of sale. Not responsible for accidents or items after sold. All Equipment and Material sells AS IS Condition Day of Sale. No buyer premium! No Reserve! Everything Sells. Must have current FOID card & abide by all state & federal firearm regulations. RKA Gun Gallery from Plano, IL will handle all firearms and paperwork. $25.00 fee for registering and transferring all firearms.

2-Story Farm House on 2 Acres with Buildings – 1962 Corvette Convertible – 1974 Volkswagen Beetle – 2002 Cadillac Deville – 1994 Dodge Dakota – Ford 601 Workmaster Loader Tractor – Large Antique & Collectible Collection – Household Items – 1000s of Record Albums in Good Condition
Sunday, March 31, 2019 at 10:00 a.m.

Location: 501 W Merchants St, Essex, IL 60935
Directions: From the I-55 (Exit 227) in Gardner, IL head East to the 4-way stop, then turn right after the Subway Restaurant onto IL-53 and continue 1/2 mi around to Campus Rd (East Rd), turn right and head South 3/4 mile to Rice Rd, then East 5-3/4 miles (Rice turns into Merchants) to farm on the northside of road (westside of Essex, IL).

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1962 Chevy Corvette Convertible, 327 V8, 4-spd manual, 83,872 mi, runs good, Ermine White exterior with Black interior & White Soft Top, Last production year of the 1st Generation Corvettes, external trunk, exposed headlights, garage kept & covered, title-in-hand, VIN #20867S102974.
1974 Volkswagen Beetle, Orange, 1600cc Dual Port engine (last production year for carbureted engine), Barn kept since 1990 (Florida Plates), as-is, title-in-hand, we did not attempt to start, VIN #1142791593.
2002 Cadillac Deville, 4-dr, 132,600 mi, runs good, RWD, V8 Northstar, full power, leather seats, title-in-hand, VIN #1G6KD54Y42U228849.
1994 Dodge Dakota SLT, Extended Cab, Auto, V6, 152k mi, runs ok, running boards, red, title-in-hand, VIN #1B7GL23X6RW129042.

Ford 601 Workmaster Tractor w/loader, diesel, 3-pt, fenders, did not run at press time; JD 318 Mower; Troy-Bilt 5000-watt Generator; Vintage Yazoo Master Mower, Zero Turn, Wisconsin Engine; DR Weed Trimmer; 20-gal Air Compressor; Craftsman Rear Roto-Tiller; Hay Trolley; Yamaha 340 Enticer Snowmobile (’94 sticker), as-is; Yamaha Phazer Special Edition Snowmobile (’92 sticker), as-is; 6x10 Snowmobile Trailer (with title); 5x8 Homemade Trailer (no title); Hayrack & Gear, spoke wheel; Many Electric Hand Tools including Skil Saws, Drills, Grinders and more; +10 Oilers; Assorted Hand Tools; York Bench Vise; Bench Grinder; Buffalo #4 Vise; Yard Tools; Battery Charger; Metal Cabinets; Wood Pigeon Hole Bin Cabinet.

MUSICAL ITEMS: Over 1000 Record Albums 33s & 45s, most albums are in plastic sleeves in good condition; Many CDs; PD264 Luxman Turntable; Klipsch Floor & Surround Sound Speakers; Integra DVD/CD Player; Onkyo TX-RZ900 7.2 Ch Receiver; Onkyo TA-RW303 Dual Tape Deck; 1978 Seeburg Jukebox, 45-RPM Model "Disco", 160 selections, as-is condition; Set of 4 Beatles Forever Dolls; George Harrison Autographed Photo; Cornish Company Pump Organ, early 20th century, nice condition, ornate wood carvings; Wurlitzer Upright Piano, nice condition; Various Concert Posters including: Beatles, Frank Zappa, Alice Cooper, Janis Joplin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Who, Black Sabbath, Rolling Stones, Jethro Tull and more.

HOUSEHOLD: Budweiser Bowtie Neon Beer Sign; Various Flat Screen HD TVs; Maytag Bravos Washer & Gas Dryer; Upright Freezer; Kitchen Table & Chairs; China Cabinet; Various Curio Cabinets; Wicker Top Tables & Chest; Wood Knee-hole Desk; Maple Rocker, sturdy; 3-pc 1950s Bedroom Set; (3) Trunks; Large Assortment of Glassware & Figurines; Crystal Stemware; Hull Swan Planter & Asst Hull Pottery; Cast Iron Novelty Items & Coin Banks (some are reproduction); 4 drawer vertical File Cabinet; Peacock Feathers; Black Americana Collection; Jewelry Cabinet; Costume Jewelry; Men’s Gold & Sterling Rings; Harley Davidson Leather Coat, size 58; Stamp Collection; Vintage Cubs Memorabilia; WWII Uniform; Bayonet Dagger; 1960s-70s Marvel Comics, approx. 50-100; GI Joe Collector Set; GI Joe Motorized Tank; Lots of Knick Knack Items; Religious Figurines; (2) Concrete Fishing Boy Statues; Small Park Bench; Pots/Pans/Dishes; Foldable Wheelchair; Deer & Pheasant Mounts.

ANTIQUES & PRIMITIVES: Antique Pulleys; Antique High Wheel Cultivator; Primitive Tools; Antique Corn Sheller; Antique Cast Iron American Grinding Mill; Antique Wooden Well Cistern w/wooden Hand; Steel Spoke Wheels; Cast Iron Cistern Hand Pump; Galvanized Tubs; Antique Copper Boiler; Antique Wringer Washer; Antique Wood Doors; Milk Cans; Antique Wardrobe; Oak Dresser & Mirror; Oak Dresser; Hope Chest; Oak Phonograph; Large Oak Pedestal Round Table; Antique Side by Side Secretary Curio Cabinet; Brass Bed; Iron Parlor Stove; Seth Thomas Mantle Clock; Arcade Crystal #3 Coffee Grinder; Dazey Glass Butter Churn; Many Kerosene Oil Lamps; Various Antique Wash Basin & Pitchers; Vintage Toys Trucks; Various Hurricane Table Lamps; Cobalt Blue Glassware; Carnival Glass; Depression Glass; Italy Cobalt Blue Vase w/lid, believed to be Norleans; Large Tea Pot/Cup/Saucer Collection; Shirley Temple Cobalt Blue Pitcher; Many Crocks, Jugs & Stoneware.



REAL ESTATE DESCRIPTION: 2 Story Farm House — 4 Bedroom — 2 Bath

Master Bedroom, 12x20, 1st floor, walk-in closet; Utility Room; Kitchen, 12x15; Dining Room, 12x15, Built-in Dining Room Cabinets; Living Room, 12x15; Sitting Room, 12x15; Office 6x12; 3 Bedrooms on 2nd Floor, 12x12, 12x15 and 12x18; Attic 14x16 with Floor; ½ Basement; Boiler Heat; Vinyl Siding; Replacement Windows; Whole House Generator.

• FBI Pole Building, 45x56, dirt flooring
• 4-Car Detached Garage, 24x48, concrete flooring
• Chicken House, 20x30
• 2017 Taxes = $1,667.48
(Owner Occupied/Senior Citizen)
• PIN: 09-06-09-300-020
• Located within Essex Village Limits

• OPEN HOUSE Sun, March 10th from 10am-12pm

Real Estate Terms: Financing is not a contingency of sale in this offering. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that potential bidders ensure in advance that they are able to obtain the necessary financing to close the transaction. 10% Deposit on day of sale in the form of cash or check and be capable of closing by May 10, 2019. Survey and Clear Title will be provided. The property is being sold as-is, where-is condition with no contingencies, guarantees, warranties expressed, implied, or subject to financing. Seller makes no representations or warranties concerning the property to be sold. Included in this sale and purchase price are all existing items permanently installed in the Property, free from liens, including plumbing; heating; HVAC equipment; lighting fixtures; water treatment systems; garage door openers and transmitters; television antennas; shrubbery, plantings; wall to wall carpeting; shades, blinds, window covering hardware, built-in air conditioners; and built-in appliances. No buyers premium.

Owners: Estates of Curt Kurtenbach and Shirley Kurtenbach

Saturday, April 6, 2019 at 9:00 a.m.

Location: 11206 Helmar Rd, Newark, IL 60541
Directions: From the IL-47 & IL-71 intersection on the South side of Yorkville, head South on IL-47 for 5-1/4 miles to Helmar Rd, then West 1-3/4 mile to the auction on the left.

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Autos, Tools, Antiques, Collectibles, Antique Furniture, Lawn & Garden, Glassware, Box Truck Storage Unit

Autos & Specialty Items: 1995 Fleetwood Brougham Cadillac - Color: Tan with 66,000 Original Miles - New Starter, New Tires, Garage Kept - Clean!; 1995 Fleetwood Brougham Cadillac - Color: Black - 82,000 Original Miles - Garage Kept - Clean!; Trailered 2-year old Hydraulic Log Splitter - Like New! - MTD Gold 27 Ton Splitter with 208cc Gas Engine; 24’ Box Truck Storage Container – 8-foot wide with Rear Garage Door & Side Door.

Antiques & Collectibles: Wood Tool Box, Ornate Oak Clock Shelf built by Howard Christianson, Old Pine Bench, 4 Door China Cabinet, Bamboo Patio Set Table & 4 Chairs, [Motobecane Bike made in France, Schwinn Suburban Bike, Schwinn Airdyne Bike], Set of 6 Arrow Back Chairs, Old Stop Sign, Wire Shelf, Coolers, Floor Fans, Small Refrigerator, 6 Patio Chairs, Double Wringer Beer Cooler, Ringer Washer, Wingback Chair, 4 Door Steel Athletic Locker Set, Round Oak Table, Twist Iron Marble Floor Lamp, Store Display Case, Cedar Chest, Pink & Green Dep Stemware, Pine 2 piece 1800s Kitchen Cupboard - 2 Glass Doors - Top with 2 Drawers & 2 Doors, Bell Ringer - Pin Ball Machine - Made by Gottlieb, 4 Drawer Chest, Mahogany Corner Shelf with 2 Drawers, [Very Ornate Game Table with Ornate Inlay Carving with Craps Table - Checkers - Parcheesi - Chess - Card Table], Tin Parakeet, Grandma & Grandpa Dolls, Cranberry Style Lamp, Oak Machinist Tool Chest, Sleepy Eye Pitcher, Pair of Dove Statues, Crockery owl, heavy Green, Life Size Poster of Ronald Regan, Old Second Car Bank, Pistol Lighter, Bass Pullman Train Car Ash Tray, Carved Bone style Piece, Cranberry Cruet Set, [Cast Iron Bull Elk/Gun Rack - Rare!], Mobile Oil Co. AF Gargoyle Fuel Can, Oak Wall Clock, 5 piece Aluminum Patio Set, Iron Wire 2 Chairs & Table, Thomas Radio, Pine Work Bench Table, Drop Front Desk, Platform Rocker, Oak Dresser with Mirror, Electrolux Vac, Meat Cleavers, Captain Chairs, 3 Station Food Warmer, industrial Cummins Shredder - Paper, Chilton Auto Books, Patio Set Table, Art Deco Mirror, Marble Lamp Table - 1800s, Trunk, Oak Machinists Chest, Oak 2 Glass Door Empire China Cabinet, Walnut 5 Tier Ornate Shelf, Kangaroo Leather Sofa, Kick Knacks, Figurines, Walnut Baby Crib, 2 piece Pine Drop Front Desk/Cupboard, Scrub Board, Thunderbird Muffler In Box, Assortment Sawzall Blades, Yard Sticks, Cat Precision 795F Quarry Truck - Toy, Rogers Silverware, Wagner Cast Iron Pan with Lid, Top 76 Gas Truck with Dolly Tanker in Display Case, 4 Oriental Art Panels, 1933 Crosley Radio, Bull Durham Adv. Picture, H. Hargrove, Love Seat, Large Currier & Ives Book, Casio Piano, Galvanized Double Wash Tub, Early 1800s Large Cobbler Pine Work Bench, Copper boiler, Pink Dep. Glass, Costume Jewelry, Folding Massage Table, Copper Picture, Horse Shoe Rocker, (2) Captain Chairs, Karastan Rug - 4.3’x6’, Paper Cutter, Walnut Box, Doll Buggy, Fold Out Sewing Case, Set Mash TV Series, Precision Army Jeeps - Toy, 1914 Child Kitchen Cupboard, 1800s Walnut Chest of Drawers with Marble Insert & Hankie Drawers, Horse Weather Vane, Oil Lamp, John Deere Print - National Turkey Federation, Eastlake Carved 4 Drawer Chest, French Provincial Server Chest, White Tail Deer - On the Run - Turkey Federation, Mission Style Oak Drop Front Desk, Elgin Regulator Clock, Oak Large Machinist Tool Chest, [Cannon Ball], (2) Steel File Cabinets, [Richard Wilcox Cobblers Work Bench with Vise Drawers - Very Good Shape, Electric Frigidaire HD Dryer, Class Coffee Table, Samsung Flat Screen TV, Collection of Playboy Books, Western Crock, Wood Rack, [Antique Porcelain Crown Stove Works - Chicago - Very Good Shape], Barn Beam Drill, Cast Iron Depot Stove, State Farm Piggy Bank, ABC Banks, Old New Aurora Adv. City Drawing, 4 Gallon Western Crock, Jug, 1930s 4 piece bedroom Set, High Boy - Vanity - Stool - Bed, Western Art Work - Wagner 83, (2) Green Upholstered Chairs, Wallace Nutting Print, 1800s Very large Cobblers Work Bench.

Tools: Craftsman Wrenches & Tools, 40 Fence Posts, Large Sump Pump for Pond, (2) Multi Drawer Metal Cabinets, Tool Cabinet, Work Cart, Craftsman Stacking Tool Chest - Ball Bering Drawers on Wheels, (2) Chrome Wore Rack Shelving, 2007 Chevy Malibu Rear Shroud, 4 Drawer Work Bench with Vise, Shovels, Post Hole Digger, Suhner - German Large Dremel Grinder/Polisher, Wrenches, Pliers, Snips, Screw Drivers, Files, Assortment of Hand Tools, Solvents Sprays, Bosch Bulldog Drill in Case, 3.5 Ton Floor Jack, [Jazzy Electric Select HD Motorized Chair with charger], Stack Tool Chest, Rockwell Floor Model Drill Press, 2 Door Steel Storage Cabinet, Electric Power Tools, Sawzalls, Milwaukee Hand Grinder, Craftsman 10” Drill Press, Troybilt Model MS 42 - 16” Chainsaw, Poulan Model P38 16” Chainsaw, New Windows - Several Vinyl Clad, Craftsman Jointer New in Box, Large Hemp Rope, (4) Porch Columns, Large Industrial Cart, (2) File Cabinets, Galvanized Water Tank, 4,000 lbs Engine Puller On Wheels, Log Chains, Lawn & Garden Tools, Acetylene Tank Cart, Electric Water Heater, Porter Cable 4500 Watt Generator on Wheels, 2 Door Storage Cabinet.

The Estate of Robert Pessina
Owner: Sandra Pessina

Note: Bob and Sandy collected for many years. They took very good care of their collectibles. Many items of interest!

Content Terms: Cash or good check w/ proper ID. Everything sold as is. Everything paid for day of sale. Not responsible for accidents or items after sold. All Equipment and Material Sells AS IS Condition Day of Sale. No buyer premium! No Reserve! Everything Sells. Announcements day of sale supersede printed materials.

Phone: 630-552-4247

Brian DeBolt, Plano IL Lic#440.000595
Richard Olson, Morris IL Lic#440.000585
Erik Olson, Morris IL Lic#441.001909

Sunday, April 7, 2019 at 8:00 a.m.

Location: 16119 Chicago Rd, Sandwich, IL 60548
Directions: Rt-34 to Sandwich, IL to Latham St (stop light), then 5 miles North to Chicago Road, then West 1 mile. Trailers welcome.

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Tools & Misc Items will begin at 8 a.m.

Lumber will begin at 10:30 a.m.

Doors & Windows will begin around 1 p.m.

Restrooms/Food/Weather Shelter provided.


Contact the owner - Greg Gavin - for more info:

Gavin Auction Terms: Cash or Good Check. Visa, MC & Discover. 5% Buyers Premium. 5% Deducted with Cash or Check. 6-¼% sales tax must be applied. Items not removed after 7 days revert back to Gavin.

1930 Model A Roadster Pickup, Backhoe, Tractors, Trucks, Trailers, UTV, Golf Carts, Boats, Shop Tools & Equipment, Many Salvage Items
Sunday, June 9, 2019 at 9:00 a.m.

Location: 34928 Cemetery Rd, Braidwood, IL 60408
Directions: From the IL-113 & IL-53 intersection in Braidwood, IL, head southeast on IL-113 (Main St) for 1/4 mile, then right onto Comet Drive, continue south past Reed Custer H.S. for 1 mile (Comet becomes Cemetery Rd) to the auction on the right. Plenty of off-road grass parking for cars, trucks & trailers.

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Vehicle: 1930 Model A Roadster Pickup, restored, open cab, folding top, 3-spd manual, 4cyl, red with black fenders, interior black, sideboards on passenger side, Spartan “oogah” horn, several chrome details, Ford script tailgate, single side mounted spare wheel and tire, opening windshield, side vent glass, factory louvered hood, spoked wheels. Just 3,429 of these attractive, adaptable commercial vehicles were built in 1930 and their survival rate is very small, making this restored example particularly rare.

Backhoe, Tractors, Trucks, Trailers: Case 580E Super E Loader/Backhoe, Construction King, ROPS, SN:17030123; IH Super MTA Tractor, wide-front, ps, gas, hyd, late model; IH Super MTA Tractor, narrow-front, as-is, SN:80297 S; IH Super M Tractor, nf, as-is, SN:F-1778 J; 1973 IH Loadstar 1700 Boom Truck, gas, as-is, VIN: 11672CHA37186; 1990 Ford F-350 U-Haul Van Truck, Mdl F37, diesel, as-is, VIN: 1FDKF37M1LNB30325; 48’ Van Trailer (silver), Wabash, as-is; 45’ Van Trailer, (white/red), Clark, as-is; 40’ Van Trailer, (red), as-is; 33’ Van Trailer (silver), Monon, as-is; 16’ Tandem Axle Trailer, w/ramp, Gorilla-Lift system.

UTV, Golf Carts, Boats: PUG UTV, 4x4, older mdl, center pivot, flatbed, made for heavy-duty off-road use; Cushman 3-wheel Motorized Cart, orange, embossed “Cushman” on tailgate, roof, headlight; Club Car Golf Cart with Aluminum Bed; (3) Harley-Davidson Golf Carts, all as-is; Cushman (green color), parts only; 3-Wheel Dune Cycle, 200 cc eng; Hydraulic Lift Work Table for Lawn Mowers or ATVs; 1982 Yamaha XT 250 Dirt Bike, as-is; 15’ Aluminum Bass Tracker Flat Bottom Boat & Trailer, no motor, as-is; 15’ Grumman Aluminum Sport Canoe Boat; Paddle Boat; Aluminum Dock Sections.

Misc Equipment: 6’ Pull-Type Rotary Mower w/hydraulics; 6’ Blade, 3-pt; Sickle-Bar Mower; 3-pt IH Adapter; (2) A-Frame Gantry Cranes, adjustable; 10’ Wheel Disk; (4) Pipe Gates; Yard Spreader; Leaf Catcher; Large 5’ Lawn Roller (empty); Small Chipper.

Shop Tools & Equipment: Lincoln SA-200 Welder on 2-wheel trailer; (2) Lincoln Idealarc DC-250 Arc Welders; Lincoln Wire Welder DC-250 Lincoln LN-7 Wire Feeder; Wire Welder Cables; Acetylene Tanks, Cart & Torch Set; 20-gal Air Compressor; 5-gal Air Compressor; Military Air Compressor, horizontal, twin cylinder, 220v, Ingersoll-Rand motor, model 242 D7½; Military Generator, 3kw, 28 volt DC, gas, mdl MEP-026C; Craftsman Tool Boxes; Machinist Tool Chest; Parts bins & Bolt bins; Shopsmith Woodworking Machine; Porta Power; Impact Tools; Wrenches; Sockets; Power Tools; Drill Bits; Band Saw; (2) Belt Sanders; Post Drill; Craftsman Radial Arm Saw; Chop Saw; Power Hack Saw; Large Grinder on stand; Rigid #300 Power Pipe Threader; Pipe Vise; Large Commercial Pipe Bender; Tubing Bender; Sheet Metal Fabrication Roller; Extension Ladder; Battery Charger; Parts Washer; (2) Air Hose Reels; Drop Cords; Pallet Jack; Air Bumper Jack; Floor Jacks; Jack Stands; Cherry Picker Lift; Engine Stand; Anvil on wood stump; Cable Cutter; Nail Magnet; Hand Carts; Antique 24” Blacksmith Forge; Vermette 520A Manual Material Lift, 500lb cap; 1/8 Ton Electric Chain Hoist; Sand Blaster Cabinet; Many Welding & Work Tables; Portable Work Cart w/Lg Vise; Lots of Assorted Iron; 30 Pcs of Steel Tubing Stock; Various Iron Racks for Steel; Heavy Duty Steel Shelving & Pallet Racking.

Misc Items: Large Stainless-Steel Pig Roaster on 2-wheel trailer; (3) Antique Safes, 30x36, no combos; 4’ x 5’ Combination Safe, no combo; Metal Tractor Seats; Blue Ox Tow Bar; Whizzer “Authorized Sales & Service” Light Globe, plastic; Wood Airplane Propeller; Weather Vane; Fishing Poles; Large Sail Boat Model; Minn-Kota Trolling Motor; Several Small Gas Engines; (2) large 3-5 hp electric motors; Norris Super Manhattan Milk Dispenser; 6’ Gas Grill, NSF, 3 burner, SS; (2) Railroad Carts; Steel Locker Cabinets; File Cabinets; Various Vintage Work Cabinets; Shop Desks; Port-a-let; Lobster Trap; Vintage Jari Power Scythe, sickle bar, walk-behind; Antique Sandstone Grinder; 12’ Rolling Ladder; Clark Jewel Stove; Warm Morning Wood/Coal Stove, Model 520; Sm Gravity Wagon full of Coal; Evinrude & Johnson Gas Cans; Vintage SUN GAT620 Generator Alternator Tester; Hunter Zephair Industrial Pedestal Floor Fan; Marconi Wireless 106D Radio Receiver; Vintage Gasboy Gas Pump, William M Wilson’s Sons, red, good condition.

Estate of Bob Scamen; Owner: Nancy Scamen

Dick Olson, Morris IL - License #440.000585
Erik Olson, Morris IL - License #441.001909
Brian DeBolt, Plano IL – License #440.000595

Terms: Cash or good check with proper ID on day of sale. Nothing removed until settled. All items are being sold as is with no stated or implied warranty. Sale day announcements take precedence over printed material. Buyers are responsible for all items after sold. This is a LIVE auction, must be present to bid. NO BUYERS PREMIUM!

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